Making photobooks

Blank Paper School
26-30 July 2017
Jesi, Italy / @ wishotLAB


This workshop is meant to be a synthesis of the process of making photobooks, by going through all of the stages of their realisation, from conceptualisation on to design, production and distribution. Participants will work on the editing and sequencing of the images, as well as on the layout of each book.


The photobook is becoming more and more popular in today's photographic culture. It is not only a means of expression, but also an excellent way of making a photographer's work known to the public.
However making a book is more complex than one would imagine, and one often needs the support of a team of professionals throughout all of the production process.


The workshop will take place within a space divided into three working areas: one for the editing, another one for sequencing, and a third one dedicated to production and distribution. In such an open and polyvalent space, the editors will take turns guiding the participants through the stages of editing and sequencing, while the publisher will help them out with issues of production and design, analysing each case in order to propose strategies of publishing and distribution.


Fosi Vegue, Michele Tagliaferri and Federico Clavarino, three photobook authors with an extensive experience in teaching at Madrid's Blank Paper School, will work as editors on each of the participants' proposals. In the final stage of the workshop, Milo Montelli, art director of Skinnerboox, is going to work with the participants on the production, design and distribution of the projects.


The workshop will take place in Jesi, a little and beautiful town in the eastern cost of Italy, at Palazzo Santoni . The working space will include two tables for editing, a panel for sequencing, computers and an A3 colour printer to create proposals and examples of dummies on the spot.



Making photobooks

Basic Info

5 days presencial workshop / 6 hours per day
From 26th until 30th of July 2017
Maximum number of participants / 15
Price / 470€


Fosi Vegue / Blank Paper School

Federico Clavarino / Blank Paper School

Michele Tagliaferri / Blank Paper School

Milo Montelli / Skinnerboox

Inscriptions are now open!!
Deadline for inscriptions: 25th of June
To apply to the workshop please send a pdf of the project, 10MB maximum at

The list of participants will be announced on the 30th of June .